This is a Wonderful Bristol Shade with Gold Metalic Spatter that fits the Harvard Student Lamps 7 Inch Shade Holder. You see it has the Turned Flat Top Edge above a Double Ring Neck, the Rings separated by a Row of Raised Beads. This is a Wonderful Early Shade. Click on any picture to see it enlarged.
A Perfect Robins Egg Blue Cased Glass 10 Inch Period Shade in the Classic Narrow Ribbed Pattern. Perfect for the Advanced Collector of fine Student Lamps.
Beautiful Blue Cased Glass Narrow Ribbed Swirl Student Lamp Shade
A Very Rare Dark Red Narrow Ribbed Cased Glass Shade in what Miller's Book calls the Semi "tam-o-shanter" Shape.
Emeralite Cased Glass Shade in the Peacock Eye Pattern, 10 inch size.
Very fine Gold Metalic Spatter Shade on Bristol. Very heavy Metalic Spatter with even dispersion. The Best Metalic Spatter Shade I have ever had. Click on picture to enlarge.
A Wonderful Brass Hand Punched & Cut Shade Protector, here shown on a Very Nice Green Cased Glass Shade. These are very Rare and Striking.
This is a Beautiful Emeralite Peacock Eye Shade in Apple Green. It is one of the Most Desirable Shades EVER.......
Wonderful Pair of Handel Decorated 10 inch Shades, in the Thistle Pattern. A pattern in the style of William Morris.
Very Fine Pink Cased Glass Shade in the 10 inch size. The Pink is a beautiful Rich Pink. Click on any picture to enlarge.
Handel Chipped Ice Floral Shade. Beautiful Orange and Red Flowers, and the Greens that Handel is famous for.
Another Handel Chipped Ice Shade in Dark Red with Single Line Gold Tracery Neck Embellishment.
This is a Robins Egg Blue Cased Glass Shade with a Double Ring Neck.
One of a Pair of Handel Thistle Pattern Painted Shades with Gold Tracery. Click on any Picture for Enlargement.
One of a Pair of Chinese Red Cased Glass Shades with Winged Griffin Decoration in Gold Tracery. Click to enlarge.
A Perfect Blue 7 Inch Fitter Ribbed Shade. This shade is solid blue glass rather than cased. Very unusual for a Period Shade.
An exceptional shade probably made by Mt. Washington in Satin Glass with what looks like Folds that are Shaded on One Side and laced with Delicate Branches with Blue Flowers.
Note the Interlocking Gold Circles on the Neck of the Shade. I think this could be a sample that was not produced in mass as I have never seen anything like it.
Very Fine Blue Satin Glass Swril Shade with Alternating Groups of Narrow Ribs and Larger Embossed Ribs, all shading from Deep Wedgewood Blue to Almost White in the 5.5 inch size.
Another Beautiful Swirl Satin Glass Cased Fancy Yellow Shade, this one Shading from Deep Yellow to Very Soft Yellow. I have this shade in a 7" Pair, a 7" Single and also in 5.5" Single.
An outstanding Yellow Cased Glass Ball Shade with Original Brass Protective Chimney Ring decorated with a wonderfully detailed Standing Rampart Lion in Gold Tracery
Wonderful Rampart Standing Lion in Finely Detailed Gold Tracery in Perfect Condition. Original Brass Top Ring on this fine Bristol Shade.
Very Rare Brass Shade Protector with A Bird In Flight Hand Made of the Period on a White Bristol Shade
The Reverse of the Brass Shade Cover/Protector with what I will call a Sun Flower Pattern, again over the Bristol Shade
Pair Apple Green High Dome Ribbed Cased Glass Shades
Pair Cassed Glass Yellow High Dome Student Lamp Shades
Mr. Washington or Wavecrest Lamp Shade
Gold Metalic Flake Student Lamp Shade, The Absolute Best
Robins Egg Blue Slant Student Lamp Shade, 7" Fitter
Wonderful Handel Chipped Ice Dark Maroon Shade with Gold Tracery on the Ring.
One of a Pair of Yellow Cased Glass High Dome Student Lamp Shades decorated with Wreath & Torch Gold Tracery
Red Cased Glass with Winged Griffin in Gold Tracery
This is a Minature Period Shade with Gold Tracery Winged Dragon Embossed on the shade.
The Best Bristol Glass Shade with Spattered Gold Metal Flake Decoration, very heavy and even dispersion
Fitterless Small Ball Shade with Lying Dragon & Flame Decorative Medallions in Gold Tracery, Elaborate Scroll Borders at Top & Bottom and Brass Protection Rings at Top and Bottom of Shade, Simply The BEST
Mold Blown Satin Glass, Shades From Pink to White with Leaves and Diamond Pattern, Note Separation of the Colors of Glass
Very Nice Pair of Gold Flake Ribbed High Dome Student Lamp Shades, A Very Good Match