This Lamp is the Plume & Atwood Harvard Double Student Lamp in Bronze. It is fitted with a Pair of Fancy Yellow Cased Glass Shades and has been very gently wired. The Burners are the Harvard Plume & Atwood Burner, and they have not been damaged in the process of fitting up with Electricity. The shade holders are reproduction very much in the style of the original shade holders. This lamp is very much a stand out in any collection.
This picture shows the Plume & Atwood Burner close as well as the Shade Holder and the Wonderful 7 Inch Shade, which progresses in color from a very soft off white satin to an intense deep yellow in a ribbed swirl pattern with a fluted top. This is probably the best pair of shades I have seen.
This is a Very Fine Double Wild & Wessel Havard Student Lamp. It has no drilled holdes in the body or base of the lamp and is shown with a Pair of Very Fine Cased Apple Green Double Ring Neck Shades. This is a very rare lamp that would be the star of any Student Lamp Collection. This lamp is shown on pg. 104, fig. 167 Miller's Book.
A very fine Plume & Atwood Harvard Single Student Lamp in wonderful original condition. Shown here with a Perfect Period Blue Cased Glass Shade, a Period MacBeth Chimney and with a complete P & A Harvard Burner. A fine addition to any collection.
Another view of that fine Original Condition Plume & Atwood Harvard Single Student Lamp, this time shown with a wonderful Bristol Glass Classic Period Shade with Gold Spatter. This is a very rare Shade in fine form. Click on any picture for larger version.
This is a rare form of Single Student Lamp by Plume & Atwood. It was made without the center post, and I believe this was to allow the use of a variety of Shades that the center post would not allow. Shown is the Junior Ball Fitterless Shade, with the Original Fitterless Shade Holder and a Plume & Atwood Burner that has been Electrified.
This Junior Ball Fitterless Shade with a top and bottom opening protected with Brass Ring Inserts is possibly one of the Finest Shades of the type that I have ever seen.
This Original Plume & Atwood Single Student Lamp is still oil burning. It is shown with a Cased Glass Shade in Dark Red and with a Complete Plume & Atwood Burner with all original parts. It has an old Polish with Beautiful Patina.
This is a Beautiful Wild & Wessel Harvard Style Single Student Lamp. It is in Original Oil Burning Condition with the Original Burner and shown with a Period Very Early Bristol Shade with Gold Spatter. Note the Double Ring on the Shade Neck, with the Rings Separated By a Row of Raised Beads. Click on any picture to see enlarged view.
Another view of the Wild & Wessel Harvard Style Student Lamp. The W & W Burner is completely unaltered in the Electrification. See close up pictures of the burner and other details below.
Click on any picture to see an enlarged version of that picture.
Wires Pulled thru Burner Gallery to wire the lamp without damage to the Burner.
This picture is of the Original Wild & Wessel Burner that has been Electrified without any drilled holes or alterations. As you can see the Burner is Complete and Original.
Very nice Wild & Wessel Single Harvard Student Lamp shown with Harvard Burner and Extremely Rare Robins Egg Blue Double Ring Cased Glass Shade.
Close up of the Robins Egg Blue Double Ring Cased Glass Shade. Click on any picture for enlarge view.
This is the Wild & Wessel version of the Harvard Lamp, fitted with a Plume & Atwood Harvard Burner, and a wonderful Green Cased Tall Harvard Shade.
This picture shows the distinguishing feature in the Drop Tube with the Drip Cup located below the burner on the Wild & Wessel from Europe. This Harvard Lamp although it is Wild & Wessel is fitted with the American Plume & Atwood Burner.
This is another Wild & Wessel Single Harvard Lamp fitted with the Yellow Cased Glass Ribbed Swirl with Ruffled Top, shading from Off White up to Deep Yellow.
This Harvard Type Student Lamp is one of the Large Single Student Lamps, shown here with a Lithophane Shade with six trapezoid lithophane panels. The details of this Bronze Finish Lamp and the Shade Details work wonderfully together.
This Lamp is Beautifully Detailed, the Burner is the original, Kansas City Home Supply Co., Beacon. The Shade is the 10 inch size.
This picture shows the Fine Harvard Lamp with a 7 Inch Ball Shade. The Gold Tracery of Rampart Lion is in Pristine condition as is the Shade. See Miller pg.105, Fig. 171.
Double Harvard with Fancy Satin Cased Yellow Shades.
Double Harvard with White Bristol Shades.
Double Harvard with Dark Red Cased Shades.